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 The Rules

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I'm staying here
I'm staying here

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PostSubject: The Rules   Sun Apr 04, 2010 8:37 pm

The Rules

What'll Get You Warned
Arguing with mods
Spam (one word posts, unrelated posts, quoting without adding anything, ect)
Pressing the enter key a lot (excessive spacing)
Useless Bumping (see below for more information)
Blatant Advertising (Including PM advertising - modest links in sigs are ok)
Sig violation (too big, inappropriate, ect)
Irrelevant Bumps
Double Accounting - Second account will be banned
Other warnings are Based solely on the discretion of the mod giving them.

What'll Get You Banned
Massive Spam
Posting Illegal Serials/Torrents
Theft of anothers intellectual property (Animations/Art)
Coming back under another name after a temp ban
Being a bot Wink
Other bans are based solely on the discretion of the admin giving them.

What's Ok
Relevant Bumps - Only if you add something substantial to the thread such as an animation to your thread. OR if adding to a conversation adding new information, or something informative. Use your common sense.
Relevant Double posts - Only if you add something substantial to the thread, like an animation to your thread, otherwise, edit your last post

Don't understand the rules? Well, PM a mod or admin.
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The Rules
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