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  Endless Ocean - Nintendo Wii

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PostSubject: Endless Ocean - Nintendo Wii    Sun Jan 02, 2011 5:03 pm

Endless Ocean - Nintendo Wii (Released 2007)

I remember there was a fair amount of fuss about this game a few months back. I was intrigued, and really liked the sound of it. It helped tremendously when I saw that respected Japanese games magazine "Famitsu" gave the game a high mark of 35/40.

Endless Ocean aka Forever Blue (in Japan), finally got its UK release this month. I totally had forgotten about this game, and the press didn't give it much space. What alerted me to this game was when I was out the other day shopping for Mario Galaxy. This game appeared on the shelf below.....and at £20.....TWENTY POUNDS!? I was gobsmacked. I immediately assumed that this mean't the game was rubbish, but I bought it anyway as the price was good, and I kept thinking about Famitsu's 35/40 score.

Let's get back to reviewing this game though! Endless Ocean is an underwater exploration game....which is probably a brand new genre. You are a scuba diver and your aim is to explore the depths of the "Manaurai Sea", which is a beautiful tropical region. Control is via just the Wii-mote, so put the nunchuck away and enjoy some scuba diving in comfort of your own living room.

This game is beautifully looks wonderful, and really does the job of simulating this stunning underwater world. Of course you are not alone, and are accompanied by hundreds of different sealife. Marine species include dolphins, sharks, whales, small fishes, manta rays and penguins. Your task is simple.....just explore all these wonderful creatures by swimming around, taking pictures, and communicating with the marine biologist expert back on board your boat. You can also find treasure laying on the seabed.

You can then come back to the surface and board the vessel. On here you can do a number of things - take pictures, listen to music (via mp3's stored on your SD card), and drive your boat to a new area in the sea to begin new dive. You can also, via Wi-Fi, connect up to the internet and swim with a friend who also owns a copy of this game.

This is not your usual game. You don't get killed or attacked by just dive, swim around, and search Endless Oceans glorious environment. There is little else to add to that - its great, and don't let the fact that its not a "hardcore" game put you off - so put aside any attitude that games have to include blood, violence, an 18 certificate and be a first person shoot em up. It's £20, you can't go wrong. So kick back, look at the pictures, buy the game. Highly recommended.

[SIZE="4"]Score : 9/10[/SIZE]

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Endless Ocean - Nintendo Wii
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