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  Medal of Honour AIRBOURNE

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PostSubject: Medal of Honour AIRBOURNE    Sun Jan 02, 2011 5:14 pm

Medal of Honour AIRBOURNE

Quick review... graphics are sweet... missions are cool and testing... Gameplay is good... super Nazi's ruin the end of the game though....

Online is cool but is FAST.. not like COD at all... more like a quake or Halo match..... the oarashooting in anywher on the map makes for setting up parimeters impossible which is a pity as I like that sort of play.

Is it any good... yes it is and online games will keep the $ worth up high.... should you buy it??? not if you already have COD3 in my opinion.... wait until it hits the bargain bucket as apart from the limited parashooting in nothing new... oh the AI are crack shots and shoot at you and not other members of your side in solo game

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Medal of Honour AIRBOURNE
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