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 The Helsinki Workers' House

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PostSubject: The Helsinki Workers' House   Wed Jan 26, 2011 7:35 am

The Helsinki Workers' House, also known as Paasitorni, is a Jugend style convention and conference centre located in Hakaniemi, Helsinki, Finland. It was built in 1908 as conference and leisure premises for the working class, and for a long time, served actively as a workers' house. In the 1970s, the premises hosted a dancing restaurant. Today, it hosts a pub and a restaurant as well as congress facilities.

The building was designed by architect Karl Lindahl and it was built from stones dug from a cliff situated nearby. The interior is decorated with workers' tool motifs, fitting in with the purpose of the building.

In the Finnish Civil War in 1918, the Reds made the building their headquarters, and the Germans who had come to the aid of the Whites and had conquered Helsinki, bombed the tower.

The Social Democratic Party of Finland hold election watches and other events in the building.

In 2008, Paasitorni celebrated its 100th anniversary.

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The Helsinki Workers' House
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