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 The 2009 Honduran constitutional

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PostSubject: The 2009 Honduran constitutional    Thu Jan 27, 2011 5:10 am

The 2009 Honduran constitutional crisis[1][2][3] was a political dispute over plans to rewrite the Constitution of Honduras, which culminated in the forcible removal and exile of Honduran President Manuel Zelaya by the Honduran military acting on orders of Honduras' Supreme Court, preempting a poll whether to hold a referendum to convene a constituent assembly to change the constitution which was opposed by the legislative branch and which Honduras' Supreme Court had ruled unconstitutional.[4][5] Opponents called these plans a veiled attempt to unconstitutionally eliminate presidential term limits and usher in Chavez-style socialism.[6] Zelaya and his supporters claim that he was attempting to modernize the Honduran Constitution to better serve the country, noting that any reforms would be enacted after Zelaya's term.[7] The Honduran Supreme Court had upheld a lower court injunction against the 28 June poll,[8] and on 26 June – while Zelaya ignored the injunction – it issued a secret order for his detention.

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The 2009 Honduran constitutional
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