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 The Chechen Republic of Ichkeria

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PostSubject: The Chechen Republic of Ichkeria    Sun Feb 06, 2011 5:18 am

The Chechen Republic of Ichkeria (pronounced /ɪtʃˈkɛriə/; Chechen Latin: Noxçiyn Pachhalq Noxçiyçö, Chechen Cyrillic: Нохчийн Пачхьалкх Нохчийчоь; Russian: Чеченская Республика Ичкерия; Short: ChRI or CRI) is the unrecognized secessionist government of Chechnya. The republic was proclaimed in late 1991 by Dzokhar Dudayev, and fought two devastating wars between separatists and the Russian Federation which denounced secession. In late 2007, the President of Ichkeria Dokka Umarov declared that he renamed the republic to Noxçiyçö and converted it into a province of the much larger Caucasus Emirate, with himself as Emir. This change of status has been rejected by some members of the former Chechen government-in-exile.

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The Chechen Republic of Ichkeria
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