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 Alexander Mackenzie

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Over 100 posts !

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PostSubject: Alexander Mackenzie   Mon Nov 15, 2010 12:26 am

Alexander Mackenzie, PC (January 28, 1822 – April 17, 1892), a building contractor and newspaper editor, was the second Prime Minister of Canada from November 7, 1873 to October 9, 1878.


He was born in Logierait, Perthshire, Scotland to Alexander Mackenzie Sr. and Mary Stewart Fleming. He was the third of ten children. At the age of 13, Mackenzie's father died, and he was forced to end his formal education in order to help support his family. At the age of 16 he apprenticed as a stone mason and by the age of 20 he had reached journeyman status in this field. Mackenzie immigrated to Canada in 1842 in order to seek a better life as well as to follow his sweetheart, Helen Neil. Shortly thereafter, he converted from Presbyterianism to Baptist beliefs. Mackenzie's faith was to link him to the increasingly influential temperance cause, particularly strong in Ontario where he lived, a constituency of which he was to represent in the Parliament of Canada.

Mackenzie married Helen Neil (1826–1852) in 1845 and with her had three children, with only one girl surviving infancy. In 1853, he married Jane Sym (1825–1893).

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Over 100 posts !
Over 100 posts !

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PostSubject: Re: Alexander Mackenzie   Thu Dec 02, 2010 12:07 am

Why Flu Vaccines Are Important For Children And Parents
It is that time of year again. The children are back at school, and parents everywhere are worrying about the season to come: cold and flu season. Last year, the nation faced one of the scariest seasons ever, the season of H1N1, and, while it took some time, flu vaccines were developed in time to stop the spread of that potentially dangerous strain. Will it happen again this year? That may be unknown, right now, but what is known is that the seasonal flu vaccine is still one of the most important things that you can give your child to keep them protected.
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According to mandates issued by the CDC in Atlanta, any child older than six months of age is at risk for catching the flu, every year, no matter how careful any parent may be about hygiene and flu prevention. Not everyone may be taking the same precautions that you do, so why risk your child’s health needlessly, when you can easily protect them from the flu virus and H1N1 by taking them to the pediatrician as soon as possible to receive their flu shots?
We understand that there is concern that some rumors that giving a child a vaccination could make them vulnerable to another condition, like autism. Recent studies by the CDC have not established a verifiable link as yet, that much is certain. As quickly as the flu virus changes, giving rumors credence over your child’s health seems like too risky a gamble to take. If you do have concerns, talk to the pediatrician. They have the most up-to-date information available about the safety of the H1N1 vaccination, as well as all of the other flu shots available today.
As it stands right now, it is recommended that every child between the ages of six months and eight years old should be given at least two seasonal flu vaccines, four weeks apart, unless they received at least one of the vaccines last year. The protection lasts for some time, and if they received at least one dose last year, you should inform the pediatrician before they receive this year’s vaccine. Do not wait until your child has the flu or cold before getting this done, please. Stay on top of things, and get your child to the pediatrician before they develop any of the common flu symptoms:

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Alexander Mackenzie
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